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Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate issues in New Mexico are limited in variety only by the parties involved, property type, and the transaction. At Baca Law Offices we understand that each client has a unique situation and each property has its own special set of circumstances. Because of the complexity of real estate transactions, hiring experienced legal counsel is necessary to ensure that you have covered every step in your transaction. You need a knowledgeable attorney who knows the real estate industry in New Mexico and is familiar with real estate transactions from beginning to end. For help from a knowledgeable Real Estate Lawyer, contact us now.

The Real Estate Contract

New Mexico Real Estate Contracts are a widely used instrument throughout our state. There are however significant differences in the use and technical operation of the New Mexico Real Estate Contract as opposed to Deeds of Trusts and Mortgages typically issued by banks and other financial lending institutions. Real Estate Contracts are many times issued by individuals in owner financed transactions where they are serviced by escrow companies who hold the owners deeds until the conclusion of the transaction. This operation differs significantly from the standard method of lending using the promissory note and mortgage that is preferred by typical lending organizations where Deeds are filed at the County Clerk’s office along with the mortgage which shows the lien on the property.

Our office can help guide you through the challenges involved with real estate and help point out potential pitfalls in your transaction whether you are buying a home or attempting to recover a property that you have sold and are forced to take back. Our office offers help with your complex issues as well as basic assistance such as document review services to assist you in deciphering the sometimes confusing maze of paperwork surrounding real estate transactions.

Quiet Title

Title issues can prevent you from selling or  refinancing your property. Our office can quickly recognize flaws in the chain of title to your real property. We can efficiently determine the most economical way to clear title defects whether that involves locating or replacing lost or missing documents or initiating court action to address title defects on your property.

Landlord Tenant Disputes

New Mexico rental law is divided into to two categories; commercial and residential. Residential landlord tenant issues fall under the Uniform Owner Resident Relations Act that governs specific acts of both landlords and tenants during occupancy and eviction if necessary. This Act is very specific on the duties of the landlord and the tenant. The Act governs specific duties for both parties and can impose harsh penalties for violations of an individual involve in such an agreement. Our attorneys can help outline your rights and duties in either circumstance to help protect your interests and avoid costly mistakes.

The residential rent or lease differs significantly from issues relating to commercial rental or lease of property where New Mexico law relies more heavily on the contract itself and the agreement of the parties. Our attorneys are familiar with the subtleties of New Mexico landlord tenant law in both residential and commercial settings and can help you either recover a property in default or explain and protect your interests in your property matter if you are renting or thinking of leasing a property.

When you hire a qualified New Mexico Real Estate attorney you create a better chance of protecting your rights as they pertain to your property. Our office can also work seamlessly with other Real Estate Professionals to help facilitate construction, renovation, purchase, or sale of your real estate project.